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Copperstone is Columbia’s premier Southwest Subdivision with large, spacious home sites, a sizable infinity pool, a state of the art fitness center, gorgeous pedways throughout and an upscale clubhouse perfect for enjoying or entertaining.

Splash Pad Back in Operation -- The chlorine levels are again balanced. Thanks to Glenn's Pool & Spa and the City of Columbia for their work in getting the Splash Pad back in service.

Mark Your Calendars -- 
     The Neighborhood Meeting originally scheduled for June 15th will be rescheduled.
     Sunday, July 4 -- Copperstone's Annual 4th of July Celebration (Additional Details Below)
     Thursday, August 12 @ 6:30 PM -- CHOA Annual Meeting -- Clubhouse.

Homeowners Insurance & the Rising Cost of Building Materials -- CHOA works with Chuck Henderson (TIG Advisors) in providing insurance coverage. Part of his role is to provide general information to our residents. Recent increases in the cost of building materials have the potential to significantly impact any replacement cost associated with a claim. Homeowners should consider contacting their insurance agent to review their policy and consider coverage adjustments. Please go to Meeting Notes on the right side of this webpage to access Chuck's memo in its entirety.

Cooperstone's Annual 4th of July Celebration -- This is a BIG event for Copperstone.
The Bicycle Parade kicks off the day! Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and other wheeled entries are welcome to participate. Everyone is encouraged to show their patriotic spirit by decorating their rides and wear red, white, and blue. The parade starts @ 10:00 AM at the clubhouse.

The Pool Party is Copperstone's longest running family event. CHOA will provide ice cream treats later in the afternoon. Fireworks will begin around 9:00 PM. You can help defray the cost of the fireworks by making a donation to John Hall who puts on an amazing fireworks display each year. To make a donation, please go to: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8AeREQSkFX

Clubhouse Reservations -- 
Our clubhouse is available for reservation by Copperstone residents. The request to reserve the clubhouse must come from the homeowner, not an administrative assistant. Our clubhouse is for residential use only. Thanks for your patience and cooperation in following these guidelines.

Please Note Important Information About Architectural Requests --
 In an effort to protect each individual Homeowner's rights, as well as those of the Homeowners collectively, it is a requirement of the Copperstone Homeowners Association that any Homeowner or group of Homeowners, considering improvements to, or alternations to the appearance of their property submit an Architectural Request. This request must be in writing and must be approved in writing prior to the commencement of work.

Fences, sheds, additions, expansions/improvements of decks/patios, playground structures, basketball goals, gazebos, pergolas, gardens, landscaping, paved walkways, etc. are possible examples of projects (but not limited to) that may require approval. 
The Association reserves the right to ask any homeowner to remove any architectural change made without prior approval and/or in violation of the declaration of covenants.

Changes made to your profile on this website do not update the homeowner contact information held on file by Diversified Management Company (DMC). DMC will not be held responsible for any damages, loss or inconvenience that may arise from discrepancies between account information stored on this website and that which is on record with DMC.

To notify us of a change to your personal information, or to verify your data, please use this form or call us at 573-445-2050.