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Copperstone is Columbia’s premier Southwest Subdivision with large, spacious home sites, a sizable infinity pool, a state of the art fitness center, gorgeous pedways throughout and an upscale clubhouse perfect for enjoying or entertaining.

Important Note About Reserving the Clubhouse:
The number of clubhouse reservations is increasing. It is important to follow the process when making your request. To reserve the clubhouse, please go to our portal and click on My Items -- Submit a Request; Click on Reservation Request; Click here to find the Clubhouse Rental Agreement Form; and complete & send it to Community Property Management (CPM). Your clubhouse reservation is NOT complete until the Clubhouse Reservation Form is received! If you call CPM to reserve the clubhouse, you must submit the Clubhouse Rental Agreement Form within 48 hours to secure your reservation. 

Annual Dues: Our Annual Dues for 2023 will be $1,800. The distribution will have $1,400 going to the Maintenance Fund; $400 to the Capital Reserve Fund.

Change to Monthly Payment Plans: Home/lot owners will be automatically set-up to pay monthly. You may pay annually and receive a monthly credit deduction accordingly. All payments are due the 30th of each month. Late fees per the governing documents are 30 days after the due date, 9% per annum.

Change in Processing Payments: The Recurring ECheck feature will be discontinued on December 31, 2022. For those interested in using a monthly, electronic, auto draft to pay your annual dues, which will be charged in January, please read the following: Choosing Auto Draft on the Community Web Portal will automatically divide your January 2023 annual dues into 12 and pull that amount, monthly, from the bank account you enter. Log in to the portal (www.cpmgateway.com), click Make a Payment, and you will see the Auto Draft button. You will also see it on your Billing page. Between now and 1/1/2023, you can enroll in the Auto Draft option. Choose start date of 1/1/2023 to avoid a missed month. We apologize to those who tried to log in and were looking for the Auto Draft feature. It is available now. Feel free to contact our office for assistance when you are online, call 636-227-8688 and select Option 5.

City of Columbia Trash & Recycling: Trash Bags -- The City of Columbia no longer requires the use of the City Logo Black Trash Bags. The no more that 50 pounds weight limit per bag has not changed. Hopefully, this will put an end to folks dumping bags in or around our clubhouse dumpster. A move toward an automated system using roll carts is in the planning stages. Our Covenants & Restrictions Work Group will be discussing the proper location to store the roll carts. Recycling Bags -- The City still requires the use of the City Logo Blue Bags for recycling.

Change in Plans Regarding Copperstone Corner: A Civil Group will NOT be presenting the Copperstone Corner and Diventures Projects to the Planning & Zoning Commission on Thursday, December 8.

Interested in Socket: Several neighbors have expressed an interest in bringing Socket Services to Copperstone. If interested, please go to: https://www.socket.net/residential/internet-fiber

CHOA Directory: Did you know that CHOA has a Directory? If you would like to be listed on the Directory, please use these video links -- Directory: https://vimeo.com/606182755; Update Contact Information on the Directory: https://vimeo.com/606180990

Please Note Important Information About Architectural Requests --
 In an effort to protect each individual Homeowner's rights, as well as those of the Homeowners collectively, it is a requirement of the Copperstone Homeowners Association that any Homeowner or group of Homeowners, considering improvements to, or alternations to the appearance of their property submit an Architectural Request. This request must be in writing and must be approved in writing prior to the commencement of work.

Fences, additions, expansions/improvements of decks/patios, playground structures, basketball goals, gazebos, pergolas, gardens, landscaping, paved walkways, etc. are possible examples of projects (but not limited to) that may require approval. 
The Association reserves the right to ask any homeowner to remove any architectural change made without prior approval and/or in violation of the declaration of covenants.

Changes made to your profile on this website do not update the homeowner contact information held on file by Diversified Management Company (DMC). DMC will not be held responsible for any damages, loss or inconvenience that may arise from discrepancies between account information stored on this website and that which is on record with DMC.

To notify us of a change to your personal information, or to verify your data, please use this form or call us at 573-445-2050.