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Please contact the City of Columbia for crimes, electrical outages, graffiti, junk, noise, pot holes, sidewalk repair/maintenance, storm drainage problems, etc.

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Architectural Request - Some architectural improvements require HOA or Board approval. Fences, sheds, additions, expansions/improvements of decks/patios, basketball goals (see below), playground structures, gazebos, pergolas, gardens, landscaping, paved walkways, etc. are possible examples of projects that may require approval.  Click Here to download the ARC form.

Maintenance Request - Turn in a maintenance request for HOA common area.

Accounting Request - Please contact us for any homeowner document requests you may need including items such as Covenants and Restrictions, Proof of Insurance, Real Estate Transaction documentation, etc.

Report A Violation - Report a compliance issue of the covenants and restrictions.

Update Contact Info - Making a move to a new address? Change of phone number? Maybe there are new tenants in your rental? Update all of your contact information.

Contact Community Association Management- Documents, Financial, General HOA and other valuable information.

Basketball Goals require an Architectural Review Request.  The following guidelines and requirements will need to be considered in the Request:
1. Residents installing sports goals should be considerate of their neighbors.
2. Only permanent basketball goals will be allowed in the front or side of the residence and must be:
     • Professionally installed and located a minimum of 75 feet from the street or cul-de-sac;
     • Screened by landscaping (some combination of bushes, grasses, and/or trees);
     • Well-maintained after installation.
3. Permanent and portable sports goals are allowed in the backyards.
4. No goals can be attached to the home.

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